Spontaneity and Fish

After a lengthy morning of staring off into space I decided that it was the appropriate time to further investigate the recent clutch issues with my truck. I installed a shifter seat. Did a test run and was rather happy to find that much of the issues were alleviated.
Shifter Seat Repair
Feeling a sense of accomplishment at being a woodsman-mechanic I decided my day would be easy from here on on out. After packing up camp I felt the desire to go to Elko, grab some coffee, and do other such uninspiring activities. My muscles were still howling at my brain from the physical labor I put them through on my last hitch near Spruce Mountain to collect soil samples for NDOW. I felt justified in skipping my planned hike.

I stopped for gas and hopped back on the road and I realized I was in the wrong lane; I was aimed straight and not left. “Where am I going?” I ask myself as my eyes dart around for a road sign. I notice a sign for Jiggs, NV. Is this the great beyond, and/or when did Lucifer change the name of Hell? I drove on and, said “ok, this could be interesting,” while a doubtful voice was secretly reassuring me that I could turn around at any given moment. I thrive on spontaneity.

I zipped past Jiggs, slogged over Harrison Pass, and jetted down to the Ruby Marshes where I caught this:

Ruby Marshes Lunker
I quickly cleaned the fish, tossed it into the cooler and set sail over the high desert for a place to camp. I passed a sign stating Indian Creek. I was thirsty. A creek sounded good. The water from the Marshes was silty at best. Up the road I went until I found some delicious water. While parked I spotted a cave. I couldn’t resist, I had to explore.
Nothing but bones n’ shit. Although, I did find more caves the next day. More on that later.

I decided to make camp at a spot I found lower down and cook my Ruby rainbow.

Indian Creek Camp

I found a time capsule:

Time Capsule
It didn’t say much of interest. No bother, I find the entire concept invigorating and neat. I may start leaving time capsules here and there along my life’s path. Geocaching is definitely an interest of mine. The next morning I added my own little note to the bottle stating my distaste for mice, because during the night a mouse had infiltrated my truck bed and kept me up. My brain was exploding with anger. I wanted to smash it, and then when I had the chance to, I said, “here ya go lil’ buddy you are free.” What did it do? It ran right back between my truck and the bed liner. I should have smashed it. Today, there are mouse traps in the back of my truck. Prepare for war mousey. I hate you.

Overall a fantastic day.


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