Agaugh is an atmospheric experimental project that fuses field recordings, live recordings, the use of everyday objects to make sound, i.e., marbles in a glass jar, and instruments played traditionally and non traditionally. Agaugh is inspired by electronic art composing and draws heavily at times from the genre. Agaugh explores the sound between soothing and cacophony because this is where introspection and self reflection can be assisted sonic-ally.

Aguagh was created in 2009. In 2011 a new member joined, William, and over the next year and a half Agaugh produced volumes of sound files and pieces. We both felt that the project was going places.

While William was in a schizophrenic episode much of Agaugh’s sound files, videos and live recordings were destroyed. Not to be undone by this setback we continued forward, but something had changed. The zeal for the project waned. Upon realizing that William’s schizophrenia and creative output are intrinsically linked, he decided it was best for him to leave the project.

Over the years I tried several times to revitalize the project, but morale was low. My heart wasn’t in it. Too much art, time and energy had been lost, as well as a valued member. Agaugh has been on the back of my mind over these past few years — never far.

I am setting forth in creating the soundscapes of Agaugh once again.