Mead, A Short History

Mead has an extensive historic and prehistoric past that is spread across many cultures ranging from the Xhosa of South Africa, where they made iQhilika, a type of mead, to the far snowy reaches of the north where the Finnish, to this day still make sima, a spiced mead for festivities. Romans, Greeks, and the Spanish to name but a …

The Thrill of Losing

I risk money and buy dreams of owning land and building a cabin — the easy way. These dreams slowly turn into ethereal puffs of smoke as I watch the score ticker for the team I bet on fall far behind the team that I did not bet on. Perhaps betting on Korean basketball isn’t my thing? I suppose my luck with Romanian basketball doesn’t translate across the orient.

Wine, My Beloved

A teeter totter between water and wine plays out with the rising and setting of the sun. A delicate cadence. The giant scales are slowly pulled down indicating the time is nigh.

Home Is Not A House

I am human and seek comfort at all costs but do my best to mitigate the damages that comfort brings, such as complacency and status quo by frequently inflaming my own personal boundaries.

On Ravens and Magic

Stumbling onward I hear a ‘cawwwk,” and look to my left. Why, hello there little raven I say with my eyes. In response the raven bobs and curiously cocks its head to the right. I continue watching out of exhaustion, curiosity and a strange compulsion to hear what this raven has to say. The raven hops forward on the rhododendron to get a closer look at me. Patiently I allowed myself to be scrutinized – well?

Remembering India

My mind was instantly blown on the taxi ride to the hostel. There are lines on the road, but these lines mean absolutely nothing.

Spontaneity and Fish

I stopped for gas and hopped back on the road and I realized I was in the wrong lane; I was aimed straight and not left. “Where am I going?” I ask myself as my eyes dart around for a road sign. I notice a sign for Jiggs, NV. Is this the great beyond, and/or when did Lucifer change the …